~ Delightful, Uplifting, Satisfying Sweet Romance ~
LaVerne St. George
Award-winning Author
~Pittsburgh Connections, Book 2
Sweet Contemporary Novella
Content Rating: Sweet Kisses


"Video games?" Ginger's voice rose. "Why on earth would you replace that lovely old carousel with video games?" The last two words dripped with her disgust. Maybe that wasn't the best tone to use, but she was too upset to care how she sounded.

"The carousel is beyond repair, Ms. Fairchild." He spoke as if she were a child. "Video games are a better crowd pleaser. They'll make more money for the park."

"When you bought the park, didn't Mrs. Adams tell you how special the carousel and horses are?" asked Ginger. "The carousel was built around 1910 by Dentzel. The Dentzel Company was world-famous for its carved horses and animals. The figures are some the best American folk art anywhere."

"Then maybe that art belongs in a museum," he replied. "The carousel is unsafe. Dangerous. What do you expect me to do?"

"I expect--I mean, the town had hoped that you would see the value of fixing the carousel so that future generations could enjoy it."

"Ms. Fairchild, I am spending a great deal of money on the project already," he said. "I need to see at least one season of profits before I can sink more cash into this. I plan to open the park in three months. I can't afford the time or money to restore the carousel. The video games stay."

"Mr. Martin, I don't think you understand how much this means to the town. We've worked hard to keep the park running with the carousel intact. Most of the original jumping horses and other animals are still there. So is the original band organ that makes the music."

"I can't afford to fix it," he stated, his voice rising. "And I can't afford to have a dangerous ride on my property. No, Ms. Fairchild, the carousel goes."

"I'll fight you on this every step of the way," she shot back. "As mayor, I do have some say over building projects."

They glared across the table at one another. Ginger would not back down, No big-shot businessman from Pittsburgh was going to destroy a piece of her childhood.

Best Romance for New Adult Readers 
Reading Level - 6th grade
~presented by RWA and Laubach Literacy
Carousel Magic
Thomas Martin never lets feelings get in the way of doing business. As the new owner of the local amusement park, he's determined to replace the old carousel with video games. The town's mayor, Ginger Fairchild, is equally determined to save the vintage carousel from the bulldozer. Tom's broken childhood left him with a strong sense of reality, but not much experience with fantasy or fun. Ginger is sure that if she can encourage Tom to have a little fun, he'll change his mind about this special ride. The park needs a lot of work before opening day. There's not much time. Can Ginger persuade Tom of the carousel's value before it's too late? Does the carousel have enough magic left to change just two more hearts?

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No big-shot from Pittsburgh was going to destroy a piece of her childhood!
Carousel Magic