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Sensuality Content Ratings
Sweet Kisses (Kisses)
Kisses only. Many of these books are quite simply "sweet", "sweet and clean" or "clean reads". Most traditional Regencies and Inspirationals fit this category, as well as Harlequin Romance and Heartwarming titles. 

Sweet n' Mild (Subtle)
No explicit sensuality. Kissing and touching, but physical romance is described in general terms or implied. The emphasis is on how lovemaking made the characters feel emotionally. If lovemaking occurs, it is alluded to rather than described, so that the reader's imagination becomes paramount.  

Sweet with Spice (Warm) 
Moderately explicit sensuality. While our lovers do make love, and the reader is there with them, physical details are described, but are not graphically depicted. Much is left to the reader's imagination. But what's most important are feelings and emotions, not body parts. While there is sexual tension, there may not be more than one or two love scenes in the whole book. 

Very explicit sensuality. There is an expanded focus throughout the book on sexual feelings and desires. The love scenes are longer, and there are at least two or three of them. The characters often think about their sexual feelings and desires, and making love is graphically depicted. Both the emotions of the hero and heroine and the physical feelings of both are important during love scenes.  

Extremely explicit sensuality - these books are often considered "romantica," a hybrid between erotica and romance. Sexual feelings and desires are strongly focused on and some books in this category have sex as the primary focus. The details are thoroughly graphic, and may include what some readers might consider kinky. 
For my books, I'm using a ratings scale adapted from All About Romance for their readers. It's a straightforward system and well-known in the Romance genre. The AAR ratings are in parentheses.

Read more about this ratings system at All About Romance.
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