"Never date an employee." That's David Mansfield's personal rule, and he's sticking to it. Hayley Lancaster knows that getting involved with someone at work is a risky proposition.

At their first meeting, Hayley unwittingly insults David. Add the fact she's dating his friend-turned-arch-rival, and chances of involvement with him seem slim. As she strives to impress the handsome CEO with her work, however, unexpected personal chemistry bubbles up between them. David is impressed… and distracted by the way his pulse quickens every time Hayley smiles at him. Past betrayals make him cautious; he'd like to let down his guard. If only she didn't work in his company. If only she wasn't seeing Peter. It doesn't take long for Hayley to recognize David's trust issues and to realize that, against her better judgment, she's falling for the boss. When David's interest suddenly cools, Hayley is devastated. She expects to lose her job -- she just wishes she hadn't lost her heart. Content Rating: Sweet Kisses

With her attention focused on the impromptu lesson in photography, Hayley miscalculated the angle of the bag above the water. The bag hit with a solid plop that spewed boiling water over her right hand. Pain shot through her fingers to her elbow. She cried out.

David's discourse stopped abruptly. "Hayley?"

"I just played bombs away with the hash, and it backfired." She managed a laugh, but clutched her wrist and slowly moved her fingers. "It hurts," she whispered.

David was beside her, his face pale. He gently took the injured hand within his own. The palm was already turning red. He pulled her over to the sink, thrust the water on full to cold, tested it, then guided her hand under the water. Waves of relief flowed through her hand and all through her body as the stinging subsided.

"Keep it there," he ordered, and moved to the freezer. As he scooped ice cubes from the tray, he said roughly, "Do you have a towel?"

"On the side of the fridge."

He wrapped the cubes in the cloth, then pushed Hayley into a chair. Gently, he laid the cloth in her hand and held it there. Finally the cold conquered the searing heat, and Hayley's shoulders relaxed.


Hayley could finally forget the pain long enough to look into David's worried eyes. He was clearly as shaken as she.


He knelt beside her for over ten minutes, pressing the ice on her hand. When he lifted the ice, the redness remained, but the pain was now a tolerable ache.

"Thanks," she whispered with a weak smile.

David bent and kissed the wounded palm. She gazed in wonder at the thick brown hair at the back of his head and with her free hand, she combed her fingers through his hair, reveling in the clean silkiness of it.

David rose and pulled her into his arms. He held her close, his desire to protect and cherish her communicated through the soft stroking of her hair.

"Hayley, Hayley," he whispered against her cheek, and her name had never sounded so beautiful.

The pain in her hand was a memory replaced by the sweet calm that now engulfed her. The world righted in his arms. Hayley was home, and she knew she never wanted to leave.


"I felt very strongly for Hayley having to deal with David's past ghosts, and cheered her for not having taken the flack for others' misdeeds. A good read."
~Rendezvous, Love Designers Writer's Club

"Lighthearted. A wonderful story. I couldn't put it down."
~E.B., Canton, Michigan
~ Delightful, Uplifting, Satisfying Sweet Romance ~
LaVerne St. George
Award-winning Author

Hayley has two men in her life -- her boyfriend Peter, and Peter's business rival, David. 

She doesn't know it yet, but those two men are about to switch places.
A Love He Can Trust
~Pittsburgh Connections ~ Book 1
Sweet, Contemporary Romance
Content Rating: Sweet Kisses
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