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~ Delightful, Uplifting, Satisfying Sweet Romance ~
LaVerne St. George
Award-winning Author
Someone Stole the Money! 

Caralyn fumes at the rejection letter from the reputable Doncaster Foundation. She rescued the foundation’s chairman on a hiking trail, for Pete’s sake, and he promised that the money was hers. The success of her charity organization, a memorial to her sister, hangs in the balance. Cara’s question is, “Where’s the money!?”

Jason asks that same question. He dreads admitting the theft, especially to Cara. When he revealed his seizure disorder in the wilderness, she didn’t abandon him. Will she believe he’s abandoned her? Without the grant money between them, Jason takes a leap of faith and asks Cara on a date... and another. Then his hopes plummet. She says his epilepsy doesn’t matter, but she won’t trust him to drive.

Because of her sister’s crash, automobiles give Cara the literal shakes. She cares for Jason, and the thought of losing another loved one in a car paralyzes her. Jason’s a patient man, and he’s positive they can work through Cara’s fear. Trust each other for a lifetime? Bring on a whole lot of patience and a little divine intervention!
The Master's Plan is the perfect book for spiritual study. Download the Discussion Questions now and share them with your group!

"If you are looking for a thoughtful book on life and love and faith, I recommend that you pick up a copy of The Master's Plan."
~Rachel Potter, All About Romance 

"[The Master's Plan] made me laugh, cry and take note of how epilepsy can affect lives." 
~Donna L. Wrathell, Donna's Book Stop, Highland, MI

"I loved all of it! I couldn't put it down."
~Marilyn Hensley, Lake Orion, MI
E-book Edition

The Renaissance Festival

When Cara took the two wide plank steps up into the next shadowed hut — a jeweler's — Jason followed, but only after extracting a promise of another joust. She moved to study the intricate patterns the artist had created from metal. Her gaze moved over rings and bracelets then held.

On a background of deep green velvet lay a necklace of delicate silver filigree, the swirls and ropes of metal intertwined to form a collar several inches wide. The workmanship was breathtaking. Cara reached out and took the piece in her hands. A tiny price tag dangled from a string at the clasp. She read the number and swallowed hard. For a brief moment, she considered pulling her wallet out and handing over her credit card. She wanted the necklace. It was the type of jewelry that deserved appreciation, not for its sparkle and cost, but for the love and care the craftsman gave each fine silver curve. But over a hundred dollars...

“Try it on,” the fatherly man in a feathered cap behind the stand urged.

She began to shake her head then started as the necklace was taken from her and warm hands draped the silver around her neck. Pleasure as potent as the sun’s heat rushed through her.

"Here, let me help." Jason’s low voice caressed her.

He brushed her hair off the back of her neck. As he fastened the clasp, the touch of his fingers trickled heat down her back. She brushed the metal collar with her fingers, surprised at how lightly it hung. The silver shone with an ethereal iridescence against the blue shirt. Even though the shirt was casual, the necklace lent it elegance. Unconsciously she straightened.

Jason came around to face her. Without moving a muscle, his eyes studied the necklace then her face and hair. His jaw tightened slightly. A slow flush rose into Cara’s cheeks then burned steadily over her whole body.

The craftsman’s voice drifted into the mist hovering between them. "It looks good on a woman, doesn’t it?"

Jason reached out and fingered the pattern of the metal. Cara stood still.

"It’s beautiful," came his hoarse reply.

He leaned slightly toward her as if drawn by some invisible thread. His eyes darkened.

For Cara, the world stopped. If he kissed her now, she would be pulled into another dimension. She didn’t know if she dared to discover what lay there. But ever since the Ozarks, they had been moving toward this moment as surely as the sun rose and set.

She closed her eyes. His lips met hers.

His kiss was sunlight and sweetness. He lifted his head for just a moment, his eyes judging her reaction. Perhaps he could hear her heart pounding or feel the thrill flowing along her spine. Whatever it was, she saw his intention and welcomed it.

His arms slipped around her, surrounding her with comfort and protection, strength and excitement all at once. When he kissed Cara again, he claimed her gently but completely, rocking her. The reality of his touch was sweeter than candy-coated chocolate and more stirring than a trumpet fanfare.

When he stepped away, she gazed at him through a fog, knowing she should say something, aware only that she missed his kiss. In some basic way, her life had changed.

The Master's Plan

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